The Beauty of Astrology with Molly McCord: A Language of Self-Discovery

Molly McCord intuitive astrologer

Molly McCord is a talented, intuitive astrologer, bestselling author, and modern consciousness teacher whose passion for astrology began when she stumbled upon her first astrology book in the library at the age of 10 or 11. Since then, she has devoted herself to the study and practice of astrology and has become a sought-after astrologer … Read more

Pam Gregory Professional Astrologer From the UK

Pam Gregory Professional UK Astrologer

Pam Gregory is a professional Astrologer from the UK who has been enthralled with the mystical world of astrology for over four decades. It has become her life’s passion to assist people in unravelling the mysteries of the universe through this sacred and profound language of geometry and meaning.  Her deep fascination with astrology extends … Read more

Astrology Forum Discussions With The Astrology Podcast

Learn Astrology With The Astrology Podcast

Explore a range of astrological topics on The Astrology Podcast. Join the host, well-known astrologer Chris Brennan and a variety of guests giving their viewpoint. The podcast makes for a unique discussion not seen anywhere online. The Latest Videos From The Astrology Podcast The latest episodes can be seen via the embedded YouTube video below or … Read more