A New Dawn: Saturn and Neptune Conjunction in 2026

Image depicting the planets Saturn and Neptune conjunct in space, with Saturn's rings and Neptune's blue hues dominating the scene.

In 2026, we are poised to witness an astrological event that has not occurred in 6,000 years. Saturn and Neptune, the two celestial bodies that define the outer boundaries of our reality, will conjoin at zero degrees Aries, the very first degree of the zodiac. This remarkable event suggests a significant new beginning for humanity. … Read more

Navigating the Cosmic Shifts: Insights for March 2024

March 2024 insights

In a recent update from astrologer Joseph P. Anthony, we are taken on a journey through the astrological landscape of early 2024. With a focus on February and March, this period is marked by a blend of unpredictability, transformation, and significant solar activities. Anthony’s insights offer a roadmap to navigating these changes, emphasising preparation, positivity, … Read more

Astrological Insights for February 2024: Navigating New Cosmic Cycles

Astrological Insights for Feb 2024: Navigating New Cosmic Cycles

In February 2024, the astrological landscape undergoes a revolutionary shift, heralding powerful, transformational, and at times, shocking changes. My exploration into these cosmic cycles reveals a month brimming with new beginnings, not just for me personally, but for the collective as well. The alignment of planets in February 2024 is so unique that it demands … Read more

Taurus Lunar Eclipse: Evolutionary Astrology Insights

Taurus Lunar Eclipse: Evolutionary Astrology Insights and Horoscope

Welcome to another report, where we dive into the upcoming Taurus lunar eclipse happening on October 28th. This powerful astrological event will have a ripple effect over the next six months and marks the beginning of a new eclipse season. We explore the intense energies of this eclipse and how it relates to the transformative … Read more

Navigating September’s Astrological Tapestry

September 2023 astrology forecast

As September unfolds, the celestial stage presents a dynamic interplay of planetary movements that promise to shape our experiences. The month gains momentum after a slower start with Venus and Mercury in retrograde, shedding confusion as we enter the middle. Compared to the challenges of August, September carries a more harmonious tone, paving the way … Read more

July 2023 Astrology Forecast: Nurturing Leadership and Efficient Problem-Solving

July 2023 Astrology Forecast: Nurturing Leadership and Efficient Problem-Solving

We are going to have a comprehensive look at the astrological patterns for July 2023. While the month may bring some stormy aspects, it is important to note that these patterns are not necessarily negative. With the Cancer energy and the influence of Pluto and Leo, July offers a unique opportunity for nurturing leadership and … Read more

Saturn Retrograde in Pisces: Consequences and Collective Impact

Saturn Retrograde in Pisces: Consequences and Collective Impact

In astrology, the movement of Saturn plays a significant role in shaping our lives and the world around us. In this astro investigation, we will explore the effects of Saturn going retrograde in Pisces, a rare occurrence that happens once every 28 to 30 years.  The retrograde period, which lasts from mid-June to early November, holds great importance as … Read more

Astrological Patterns for June 2023

Astrological Patterns for June 2023

Let us explore the astrological patterns and themes that will shape the month of June 2023. As we enter the Gemini season, characterised by flexibility and intense communication energy, we will delve into the underlying theme of examining leadership models.  Throughout the month, we will witness significant planetary movements and alignments that will provide personal growth and … Read more

Deciphering Hillary Clinton’s Birth Chart for Astrological Insights

Hillary Clinton Astrology Birth Chart

In this episode of the Astrology Podcast, astrologers Patrick Watson and Nick Diggin join host Chris Brennan to discuss the recent release of Democratic politician Hillary Clinton’s birth certificate.  Previously, her birth time had been unknown, with several competing birth times, each offering different birth charts and interpretations. As a result, the discussion around her … Read more