Astrological Patterns for June 2023

Astrological Patterns for June 2023

Let us explore the astrological patterns and themes that will shape the month of June 2023. As we enter the Gemini season, characterised by flexibility and intense communication energy, we will delve into the underlying theme of examining leadership models.  Throughout the month, we will witness significant planetary movements and alignments that will provide personal growth and … Read more

Astrology Forecast for May 2023

Astrology Forecast for May 2023

We will discuss the astrological events and updates for the month of May 2023. As we enter the fifth month of the year, it is essential to reflect on the bigger picture and understand the significance of planetary movements and alignments. We will explore the impact of Mercury retrograde and the stationary position of Pluto, … Read more

Deciphering Hillary Clinton’s Birth Chart for Astrological Insights

Hillary Clinton Astrology Birth Chart

In this episode of the Astrology Podcast, astrologers Patrick Watson and Nick Diggin join host Chris Brennan to discuss the recent release of Democratic politician Hillary Clinton’s birth certificate.  Previously, her birth time had been unknown, with several competing birth times, each offering different birth charts and interpretations. As a result, the discussion around her … Read more

From Revolution to Innovation: The World’s Future under Pluto in Aquarius (2023-2044)

World Future Pluto into Aquarius

Lada discusses the impact of Pluto entering Aquarius in the next 20 years on the economic and financial system, society, and the government. Aquarius represents the economic and monetary system, whereas Scorpio, which Pluto rules, represents the government and hidden elites who control the world. Pluto is known for starting significant transformations with a crisis. … Read more

Pluto Enters Aquarius and Saturn Enters Pisces in March 2023

Pluto Enters Aquarius AI Technology

This podcast focuses on the astrological energies of March 2023. This month is considered one of the most significant energy months of the year, when Pluto enters Aquarius for the first time in 250 years. Four major astrological themes are discussed in the podcast, including a dance between three planets in Aries: Venus, Jupiter, and … Read more

Full Moon in Leo: What to Expect on February 5th 2023

Leo Full Moon on 5th Feb 2023

The video is about astrology and current events in the world. The author, Pam Gregory, mentions that there will be a lot of “Awakening” happening in the world as Uranus is highlighted and is linked to extreme Earth events, the truth coming to light and cyber attacks. Pam mentions that two big outer planets, Pluto … Read more