42 Astrology Video Tutorials to Grow Your Knowledge of Astrology

This is a playlist of astrology video tutorials that are quite varied but cover some important aspects of astrology that you might find interesting.

42 Astrology Tutorial Videos
Astrology Video Tutorial Library to Enhance Your Astrological Knowledge

The presentation and production of these videos are by Astrology with Heather. A prominent astrologer on YouTube. There are 42 videos in the playlist.

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The list of topics covered in this set of astrology videos

Get ready as there’s a lot of viewing time in these 42 astrological tutorial videos! I’m going to do my best to give you somewhat of an overview of some of these.

Understanding your chart ruler through all the twelve houses

In this tutorial video, Heather gives a good explanation of what your chart ruler is and fundamentally what it means in your natal birth chart. The chart ruler is described as being the ruling planet of the ascending sign at the time of birth. This ruling planet is said to take on extra significance in the chart and with your personal experience.

Heather systematically goes through each of the ruling planets of the signs so you have an awareness of what your ruling sign actually is. From there, a deeper explanation of the ruling planet is given with examples before moving onto reviewing the ruling planet’s house placement.

The importance of the solar return and its influence for the coming year

This is a tutorial video specifically on solar return charts. The objectives set out in the video’s introduction include…
a) Giving an explanation of what is a solar return chart
b) Show you how to generate your own solar chart for free
c) How to figure out where your sun is in relation to the houses

The purpose of the solar return chart is to show you where you the following aspects for the year ahead…

  • Where your focus is going to be
  • What is going to be motivating you
  • Where your energy and action is going to be placed

How Uranus impacts you in your birth chart

Uranus is known in astrology for its unconventional, eccentric and “out of the box” nature. Wherever Uranus touches in your birth chart is going to have these qualities associated with it.

This tutorial video on Uranus is going to help you to gain a more thorough insight into how these unconventional energies are likely to play out in your own personal birth chart. Explore the various meanings that Uranus represents. Also, dial through the twelve different house placements of Uranus.

The meaning of Chiron through the 12 astrological houses

Discover the meaning of Chiron in this discussion looking at the symbolism, mythology and how to put all this together in the context as an astrological influence.

Heather looks at Chiron through the twelve astrological house as opposed to the signs due to its slow orbit of around 150 years. Therefore giving a more personal look at Chiron’s effect on the birth chart rather than the intergenerational overview.

Finally, have a look at some learning resources for beginner astrologers to take a deeper dive into Chiron’s influence and meaning.

Astrology and Your Career using 10th House & Midheaven Rulers

This tutorial video discusses astrology in regards to your career. The main points looked at in the chart is the 10th house and the midheaven. Also, how to determine the ruling planets or “career planets” of those points in the chart.

Mars in the Astrological Signs – Your will to get things done!

Mars is one of the personal planets in the birth chart to do with your willpower, aggression, and masculine qualities. Heather takes you through the meaning of Mars in each of the twelve signs.

The astrology of place – Astrocartography. Video series 1, 2 and 3

Explore the astrological significance of the place that you live. Also, if you are planning on moving to a new location. This video series will assist with understanding what planetary influences are encountered by living at these locations.

Venus in the Astrological Signs – The language of love

Venus is one of the personal planets in the birth chart to do with your love, affection, and feminine qualities. Heather takes you through the meaning of Venus in each of the twelve signs.

Saturn in the Natal Birth Chart and Saturn in Transit

Saturn is one of the out planets that represents where you experience limitations in your life. This may seem like a bad thing, although these limitations can help you to grow and mature in a balanced and authoritative way. The Saturn placement shows where you can achieve mastery in that area of life.

Join Heather as she gives you a well-rounded insight into the nature of Saturn, where it operates in your natal birth chart and the types of experiences you are likely to encounter when it transits your chart.