Hellenistic Astrology Presented By Acyuta-bhava Dasa of Nightlight Astrology

I spend a good amount of time watching Acyuta-bhava Dasa. He is not only an excellent storyteller and speaker but is well versed in the art of ancient Hellenistic Astrology.

Most of his videos run for a decent length and I always find myself watching right through to the end.

Acyuta-bhava Das Featured Astrologer
Featured Astrologer – Acyuta-bhava Das

Acyuta-bhava’s approach to astrology is very considered, paying close attention to the subtle nuances of the planetary movements, aspect relationships and sign/house placements. He has opened me up to using the whole sign house system in a way that makes total sense.

The Latest Videos From Nightlight Astrology

Featured below is some of the latest astrology videos from Acyuta-bhava. He’s a prolific producer of YouTube astrology videos, posting close to daily.

Topics Covered in this Astrological Channel

The astrological topics presented in this channel is varied by almost always relevant to what transits are occurring or soon to occur.

Quite possibly students new to astrology could find some of the subject matter a little in-depth. However, Acyuta-bhava has a good way of explaining complex symbols so they make sense. Quite often he will read from the ancient texts and a variety of different astrologer’s interpretations.

Like any teacher, some will find that they will gel and other may not. Try watching a few of his videos to see if he resonates for you.

YouTube Channel Information

The following is an extract from the Acyuta-bhava Das YouTube info page:

I’m Acyuta-bhava Dasa (Adam Elenbaas), an astrologer, author, and yoga instructor.

My approach to astrology stems from a deeply grounded practice of bhakti-yoga.

On this channel, my goal is to give you a practical and spiritual platform from which to view and practice astrology in the world today.

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