Deciphering Hillary Clinton’s Birth Chart for Astrological Insights

In this episode of the Astrology Podcast, astrologers Patrick Watson and Nick Diggin join host Chris Brennan to discuss the recent release of Democratic politician Hillary Clinton’s birth certificate. 

Previously, her birth time had been unknown, with several competing birth times, each offering different birth charts and interpretations. As a result, the discussion around her birth time has been a matter of great interest and debate within the astrological community for decades. 

Hillary Clinton Astrology Birth Chart
The video discusses the ongoing debate among astrologers about Hillary Clinton’s birth time and the impact it has on astrological predictions. The challenges and difficulties involved in determining a precise birth time, and how it has been a matter of great interest and debate within the astrological community for decades. It also explores the controversy surrounding her birth chart in the lead-up to the 2016 US Presidential Election, and how this impacted astrologers’ attempts to predict the outcome of the election. Photo credit: Gage Skidmore

The episode explores the various past attempts to obtain Clinton’s birth time and the different charts that had been proposed. The astrologers also discuss why an accurate birth time is vital in natal astrology and how it impacts predictions. 

How Different Theories Emerged About Hillary Clinton’s Birth Time

The discussion delves into the earliest documentation surrounding Clinton’s birth time and how different theories emerged over the years. 

The podcast explores how Clinton’s newly revealed birth time impacts astrological predictions made for her political career, both in the past and in the future.

The video discusses the controversy surrounding Hillary Clinton’s birth chart in the lead-up to the 2016 US Presidential Election. Initially, there were two possible birth times: 8 am and 8 pm. Astrologers had used various sources to support either of these times, but as the election drew nearer, further confusion arose, and a third birth time was even introduced.

The video describes the efforts of astrologers and reporters to investigate which birth time was correct, and it highlights the difficulties involved in determining a precise birth time. Ultimately, it was discovered that Hillary’s mother had gone into labour in the morning and given birth 12 hours later, which confirmed the 8 pm time that Hillary had suggested.

However, even with this new information, there was still some ambiguity around the correct birth time. For astrologers who used whole sign houses, even a few seconds difference could result in a different birth chart.

Deciphering Hillary Clinton’s Birth Chart for Astrological Insights Video

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The video also discusses how this controversy impacted astrologers’ attempts to predict the outcome of the election. A conference was held at which astrologers were supposed to make predictions based on accurate birth data for both candidates, but the announcement that the correct birth time for Hillary had been discovered but not yet revealed caused a great deal of controversy.

Challenges Faced by Astrologers Trying to Make Accurate Predictions

Despite the difficulties and uncertainties involved in determining Hillary’s birth time, the video notes that some astrologers were able to come to a decision about which birth time to use. The video goes on to discuss some of the factors that went into these decisions and the challenges faced by astrologers trying to make accurate predictions based on birth charts.

In this video, astrologers discuss the controversy surrounding Hillary Clinton’s birth time, which was the subject of much speculation in the lead-up to the 2016 US Presidential Election. 

The astrologer Mark Penfield claimed to have obtained access to Clinton’s birth certificate and provided a new birth time that was widely circulated in the astrological community. However, further investigation revealed that Penfield had obtained the birth time from another astrologer who was known to make up different versions of the birth time over different years. 

This created a fiasco and raised questions about whether any astrologers were basing their predictions on an accurate birth chart. The release of Clinton’s birth certificate in 2022 confirmed that her birth time was indeed 6:45 pm, settling the controversy in the astrological community. However, there is still some uncertainty around the birth time and how accurately it was recorded, which continues to be the subject of discussion among astrologers.

Gemini Rising Chart

In a recent video podcast, the debate surrounding Hillary Clinton’s ascendant was discussed. Although Hillary herself gave the rounded time of 8 pm for her birth, it was determined that she was born in the evening at 6:45 pm. This new birth time produces the same rising sign as one of the previously suggested times – Gemini rising. The chart for October 26th 1947, at 6:45 pm in Chicago, Illinois, shows 11 degrees of Gemini rising, with the midheaven degree at 15 degrees of Aquarius and the Moon at 28 Pisces in the 10th house sign.

This new information seems to confirm the Gemini rising chart, which had been suggested previously as one of the possibilities. However, it was pointed out that there were still debates surrounding the validity of the chart.

The discussion then turned to a previous video from 2008/2009, where the mars synodic cycle was used to determine a potential birth time for Hillary. It was noted that there were many Mars retrograde transits in Hillary’s timeline, but the ones that went around Cancer and Gemini were the most significant ones. The events that occurred during these transits were often consequential in her life story.

The conversation then delved into specific events during Mars retrograde transits in Hillary’s life, such as the election of John F. Kennedy in 1960, which led to her political awakening, and her marriage to Bill Clinton in 1975 during the transit of Mars going retrograde in early Cancer.

Mars Synodic Cycle Acting as A Key

Overall, the podcast discussed the ongoing debate surrounding Hillary Clinton’s birth time and how the Mars synodic cycle has played a role in determining potential birth times.

So, based on the discussion, the video discusses Hillary Clinton’s chart and how Mars going retrograde in the same spot as the Zodiac can have an impact on her life. The video then goes on to discuss the nodes being at 23 Sagittarius and 23 Gemini and how there could be potential eclipses in the lead-up and after this time, which would elevate the topic of partnership and selfhood in her life. 

The video also touches upon the healthcare reform that Clinton worked on in the early 90s and how her chart was affected by these events. They also discuss how the rectification in 2009 validates the 8 pm time for Clinton’s birth. The video discusses the importance of Mars retrogrades in Clinton’s life and how they have impacted her.

In this video podcast, the hosts discuss the importance of studying Mars and Venus retrogrades on someone’s birth chart, especially when trying to rectify their birth time. They mention how these retrogrades occur often enough to provide repeated hits, allowing one to identify turning points in someone’s life. 

The hosts refer to an article about Hillary Clinton’s birth chart and how they initially thought she had a Scorpio rising chart. However, upon further analysis and looking at the retrogrades occurring in her chart, they concluded that a Gemini rising chart made more sense. They discuss the potential for false positives when rectifying public figures’ birth charts and how it’s challenging to assess important periods in their lives without speaking to them firsthand. 

The hosts also mention the recent Mars retrograde in Gemini and how rare it is for Mars to fully go retrograde in that zodiac sign. Finally, they discuss the importance of following evidence rather than getting caught up in conspiracy theories and rumours when rectifying a birth chart.

In this video discussion, astrologers discuss the accuracy of birth times provided by Francis McAvoy, who collected data on various politicians’ birth times. They mention that McAvoy gave a specific birth time for Hillary Clinton, despite Clinton only saying she was born around sunrise. McAvoy’s tendency to adjust birth times raised concerns about the accuracy of her data. 

Need to Evaluate the Sources

The astrologers discuss the significance of Zodiac Releasing periods in evaluating a chart’s accuracy and mention that the Scorpio Rising chart looked good for predicting Clinton’s presidential win, as it showed a peak period around the time of the 2016 election. However, they note that the Gemini Rising chart, with different Zodiac Releasing periods, also seemed plausible. The discussion highlights the importance of accurate birth times in astrology and the need to evaluate the sources of such data carefully.

In this video, the astrologer discusses the Zodiac releasing technique, which is a theory that suggests that when a person’s spirit periods reach the sign of their lot of Fortune, it signifies a 27-year career peak period of heightened importance and activity. Hillary Clinton’s lot of Fortune is in Capricorn, and her peak period was from 1974 to 2001, with a specific focus on the loss of the bond that took place from October 1991 to October 1993. During that time, her husband, Bill Clinton, was elected, and she began working on healthcare reform. 

The astrologer then talks about how the technique can be used to contrast the potential outcomes of the 2016 US presidential election, depending on whether Clinton’s birth time was AM or PM. The video is filled with astrological jargon but provides an interesting insight into how astrology can be used to understand events in people’s lives.