Full Moon in Leo: What to Expect on February 5th 2023

The video is about astrology and current events in the world. The author, Pam Gregory, mentions that there will be a lot of “Awakening” happening in the world as Uranus is highlighted and is linked to extreme Earth events, the truth coming to light and cyber attacks.

Leo Full Moon on 5th Feb 2023
Astrologer Pam Gregory explains the astrological influence of celestial transits, focusing on Uranus and the upcoming Full Moon in Leo, and how they impact individuals and the world, highlighting a shift of power from top-down structures to the people, as well as the connection between frequencies and reality.

Pam mentions that two big outer planets, Pluto and Saturn, are changing signs which will bring positive energy and a shift of power from top-down structures of government and corporations to the symbol of freedom and the people. The author says that the reality is that the frequency determines the individual’s experience they are broadcasting, either love or fear.

Uranus Moves Direct

On January 22nd, Uranus will move direct, which means that all planets will be moving direct until May 2nd, when Pluto moves retrograde. Uranus will be highlighted during this time due to its natural stationary position, linked to earthquakes, volcanoes, and other extreme Earth events.

It is also linked to cyber attacks, power outages, and the unstable geomagnetic that come with solar flares. Uranus is the planet of Awakening, and it is associated with the sign of Aquarius, which is linked to freedom and the future.

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In the coming months, there will be a lot of Uranian and Aquarian energy in the world due to Pluto entering Aquarius and staying there for the next 21 years. There will also be a lot of revolutionary and rebellious energy happening worldwide as people rebel against their governments.

Pluto moves into Aquarius

This energy will be intensified in March when Pluto moves into Aquarius, and Saturn moves into Pisces. This shift of power will be a long-term process that will last until 2044, but it will result in a change in power from top-down government, corporations, and institutions to the people.

This video also talks about how our individual experiences are determined by the frequency we broadcast. There are two broad collective frequencies available: love and fear. Imagine that you have a radio dial at your solar plexus, and every day when you wake up, you dial it either to love or fear.

The reality you will experience will differ depending on your chosen frequency. Pam concludes by saying that this is a simple analogy to help people understand how whatever they put out will determine their reality.

Pam explains the influence of various celestial transits on people’s lives. She mentions that individuals who have planets at 29 degrees of cardinal signs (Aries, Cancer, Libra, Capricorn) or at 0 or 1 degree of fixed signs (Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, Aquarius) will experience intensity in some areas of their lives over the next couple of years.

The transit of Pluto is always about empowerment and stepping into one’s own power. However, it often begins with a stressful situation and aims to empower the individual. Pam then talks about the vital role of Saturn moving into Pisces, which will have a contracting and limiting effect on the sign. This transit is connected to the media, the film industry, and the pharmaceutical industry, among other things, and has the potential to shut down or limit these areas.

Full Moon in Leo: Closure and Completion

Pam also mentions the full moon on February 5th, which will bring closure and completion to a particular area of one’s chart and shine a light on leadership worldwide. The author believes that March, April, and May will be game-changer months for the world and that Leo, the fixed fire sign, is connected to leadership and creativity. The video also mentions that Saturn moving into Pisces is about spiritual integrity.

Pam mentions that Uranus, currently at 15 degrees of Tours, is in a tight T Square to the Sun and Moon and is on the public stage in a big way. This transit may result in a need for change and a sense of urgency for those with Uranus around 15 to 17 degrees of the fixed signs.

Mercury-Pluto conjunction in Capricorn

The video also mentions that the current Mercury-Pluto conjunction in Capricorn may bring secrets to light and highlight top-down power structures. Additionally, the author believes that the current internet is at its Saturn return and may spawn new internets that resonate with different frequencies for groups of people.

The video also mentions that solar flares affect many people physically and disrupt sleep patterns. Pam cites a channelling that states that our heart is the connector to the cosmos and that the surges of cosmic and Galactic energy are affecting our physical bodies.

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